About These “Musings”

I have been using the Moravian Daily Texts since September, 2011 when they were introduced to me by Kevin Murphy, lead pastor at Saint Matthew Lutheran Church in Walnut Creek, California.

While it is certainly sufficient to simply read and ponder the texts, I have found it personally helpful to write my reflections.  There is something about the discipline of writing that lodges what the Bible is saying to me more securely into my aging brain.

I do not use commentaries in writing these reflections.  As such, my posts should be taken for what they are: my personal thoughts and ideas.  They are not meant as in-depth theological analysis, nor are you in anyway obligated to agree with my views. While I attempt to write six days a week, there will be days where the exigencies of travel and other commitments cause me to skip a day or two.  I do not try to go back and cover missed ground, but will always address the texts assigned for the day I am writing.

There is a comments section following each post, and it would be great should you wish to add your own response to either the readings themselves or to my reflections.  And I  welcome rebuttals and/or corrections in the comments section.

A note on translations

I use the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) as my Bible.  For the Psalms I am using the translation by Robert Alter, the Class of 1937 Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley.  Alter brings a fresh perspective to the Psalms and I particularly like his forthrightness of language.

About me

I am an electrical engineer (MIT, 1968) with an MBA (University of California Berkeley, 1977) by training, a high technology marketing consultant by vocation, and a photographer by avocation.  Susan, my wife, and I have been members of Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Walnut Creek, CA, since 1979, where I have led various adult classes and Bible studies through the years.

I am the author of two books: Strategies for Electronics Test (McGraw-Hill, 1986), and more recently, One Man’s Life-Changing Diagnosis: Navigating the Realities of Prostate Cancer (Demos Health, 2012).

Susan and I reside mostly in Walnut Creek in the San Francisco Bay Area. Other times we are at our second home in Wareham, Massachusetts on Buzzards Bay.  Each year, we drive back and forth between the right and left coasts, affording ample opportunity for photography along the way, particularly in National Parks.  Examples of my photography are at wordpress.craigshots.com

We have a son, Geoffrey and a daughter Elisabeth, both of whom dwell with their respective families in the Midwest, which is also where our three wonderful grandchildren, Ivan (12), Lydia (9), and Jens (4), live.